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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  November 21, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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shane newsom and dario aguilar are working for someone, frank, but won't say who. (computer trilling) besides the fact they both shot at brad webb, i can't find a common link. so they've both been arrested, right? yeah, but they couldn't have met in jail. shane's never been in. suspended sentence.
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wait a second. horatio, look who dario's probation officer is. neal perkins. tripp: yeah, i met the guy. out of all the probation officers in miami, what are the chances? look, man, call my p.o. get him down here now! there ain't no way i'm goin' down like this. perkins is not gonna bail you out. we know he's the one that made you shoot at webb. delko: pd already spoke to him. you know what he had to say about you? he said, "i tried my best with him, "but he obviously doesn't belong in society. i think it's time to throw away the key." why do you think he wouldn't take your call? he played me, man. yeah. no, no, no. he should be sitting here, not me! only way to make that happen is for you to tell us everything. might even earn yourself some leniency. tell me, how does one man get another to kill for him? he said if i didn't kill the dude, vice would find so much coke in my crib,
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it'd look like little colombia in there. yeah, well, attempted murder charge won't be any better. listen, man, he gave me the rifle and he gave me the ammo. and he said if i got caught, he'd protect me. so who's this guy you want me to cap? tomorrow morning. guy'll be fishing at c-157. he's like clockwork. hey... don't mess this up. that dude was in the boat, just like perkins said he'd be. webb: you okay? and then i saw some other guy on the bridge... my name's brad! what's yours? ...acting all crazy like he was gonna jump,making a commotion. hey, no, do not jump! do not jump! (gunshot) that's it. y'all know everything. now y'all can do your job and go get perkins. testimony of a felon's not gonna convince the asa. i don't think so, no. do you have any proof, dario?
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text message from perkins, anything? no, man, it was all face-to-face. you know, you said he gave you the rifle and the ammo. did he give you anything else? nah, nothing. that's too bad. look, hold up. you guys are gonna tell me that he's gonna get away with this? no, you better hope not. we got one more person we can talk to. so, i know what you were doing at the canal this morning. you heard mr. perkins planning a murder, so you decided to stop it. i didn't want anybody to get hurt because i looked the other way. after that, he put you onto his target. he's always having his probies do stuff for him. and if you say no, he'll violate your probation and throw you in jail. perkins actually came to me first about shooting webb.
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but once he saw i couldn't stomach it, that's when he got dario. but after i tried to stop the murder, perkins just lost it. today he came to my place, and he was really angry. you thought you'd get in the way of my business?! look, i wasn't trying to mess things up. well, you did. now you got to fix it. no. no, i can't do that. you don't and i'm gonna say i found so much cocaine in tracy's car, she's gonna go to prison for 20 years. though i will miss our little "dates," though. look, you leave her out of this! the only way she stays out is if you make amends. time to finish what you interrupted. look, where's the gun? no store gun. it'll tie right back to you. you're gonna make one. how am i supposed to that?
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(gunshots) i missed the shot, and now i can't find tracy. where is the piece of paper now? shane, i need to know in order to save tracy. he told me to fill up the sink and toss it in. so i did. (phone speed-dialing) yes, mr. wolfe, i need you to retrieve something. (siren approaching) (siren passing, fading in distance) (sizzling)
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you think the ink's still viable? if there is any pigment left, it should fluoresce in infrared light. (beep) oh, my god, it worked. grab one of those writing samples we got from probation. duquesne: all right, both have heavy pressure. they both lean vertically to the left. the spacing is the same. wolfe: look at the mid-line on the a's. there's extreme protrusion there. duquesne: it's the same guy. this is it. this confirms perkins made the drawing of the gun. wolfe: so he's trying to kill brad, because it's easier than paying him off. i'll call h. right. (siren wailing) (woman sobbing quietly)
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(sniffles) please don't do this to me. please don't... tracy, come on. please don't. i thought we were past this. tracy (crying): please don't... please... you should know the deal by now. you give me what i want... no, please don't. (sobbing): please stop. hey! get over here! please don't... and you don't go to jail. no! please! (grunts) no! come here! all right. (sobbing): please... don't! stop! please! what the hell?! (grunting) (groans) you... are under arrest for solicitation of murder and rape. you have no evidence. i am loaded with evidence, my friend. what are you gonna do? you're gonna kill me out here? you know what? i'm gonna put you behind bars,
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right next to all of the people you sent there. i'm gonna show you what the next 30 years is gonna be like. and how are you gonna do that? (groaning in pain) (groaning continues) (indistinct radio transmission) (panting) (perkins groaning loudly) aww... (perkins groans) (sobbing quietly) tracy... (crying, sniffling) tracy, you okay? i think so. so, what's... what's gonna happen now? well... for starters, you're never gonna see him again. (sighs) okay. (sniffles) thank you.
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you know how you can thank me? (phone speed-dialing) there's somebody... that you need to talk to. hello? shane? tracy? you okay? i think i'm gonna be. look, i-i tried to stop him to protect you from jail. to do that, i had to do something bad. i'm not gonna be around for a while. (sobs) captioning sponsored by cbs c.s.i. productions
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and toyota. captioned by media access group at wgbh is straight ahead, a manassas high school heightens security to protect students after a deadly stabbing. 9news now is next. it's got these live tiles that update right here. one look and i can see what my brother's up to... what's happening on twitter... and even xbox live. and i'm done. so now i can put the phone away, spend more time with her. spend less time... alone. vo: less staring, more clubbing. new windows phone. get yours at at&t.
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i'm not sure what the void retaliation is, but we can be prepared for what might happen at the school. >> recent violence has manassas school officials fearing they cannot protect students from gang initiation. is everyone cheering the new liquor sale policy? redskins are the bomb right now. >> skins fans react to a dramatic overtime win in tennessee. thank you for joining us this sunday night. the gang retaliation may have already started in the manassas community surrounding osbourn high school. police confirm a second stabbing was reported yesterday evening at the grand avenue shopping center. it might be related to that fatal stabbing of the osbourn high ninth grader on friday.
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surae chinn reports tonight. students, faculty, parents, fear that come monday, the violence will continue. >> they have taken his life, taking away nothing. they say he was in the gang, but he was not. >> reporter: a grieving sister talks about losing her youngest brother to ms-13 gang members. 15-year-old, miguel hernandez was stabbed to death moments after he left osbourn high walking to an afterschool center. yesterday, we talked to people who witnessed that murder. while being interviewed, they received a threatening text. the reason that our time was cut short with them as they scrambled into their cars. on the surface, the picture seemed innocent. those who received it said that the elmo draped in ms-13 gang color is a threat to their life. a stabbing on saturday night at the shopping center, witnesses say, is in retaliation to the ninth grader's death. the concern returns to osbourn
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high school where there will be heightened security both inside and outside of the school. despite that, some parents off camera say that they will not be bringing their children to school tomorrow. >> reporter: what do you tell parents and some of the kids that we have talked to that are highly afraid to come to school tomorrow? >> they should not be afraid to come to school. >> i'm worried about it because that guy was not supposedly in the school, right? i'm worried about it, i'm a little scared. >> this is not a school event, this is an event in the community. we're prepared for anything that might happen at the school. >> do you want the retaliation to stop? i mean you don't want more violence, do you? >> no. this needs to stop. >> reporter: in manassas, surae chinn, 9news now. >> they don't believe that miguel hernandez had any link to gang activity. his family plans to bury the 15- year-old in his native, mexico. donation jars are being placed in manassas businesses.
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tomorrow morning, jurors in the chandra levy murder trial will begin their fourth day of deliberations. on friday, the 12 men and women sent a note asking for the legal definition of an assault. the defendant, ingmar guandique, faces two counts of murder in the disappearance and death of the intern some nine years ago. be sure to stick with 9news now for the latest in the case. the moment they decide the faith of guandique, 9news will bring you special reports on air and online on we've got an update on that body that was found in a box in frederick county. police arrested 34-year-old, marvin palencia, charging him with first-degree murder. a road crew on i-70 made the discovery need the heights exit last tuesday. police say that palencia shot the 36-year-old, jacobo vazquez, and stuffed his body in a card board box dumping it along the roadside. a man riding a motorcycle on mateny road died this afternoon after losing control
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of his bike. armando trull talked to neighbors who say that stretch of road has always been a concern. >> reporter: larry talley was taking his 2004 suzuki motorcycle for a spin when he crashed saturday afternoon shortly before 3:30. >> the gentleman was on the motorcycle, he changed the battery, coming down, test driving without a helmet on, supposedly lost control. >> reporter: mr. talley was traveling down the road on his motorbike. they are not sure how fast he was going, but he somehow lost control hitting that side. the bike traveled several hundred feet ending up by that light pole. the 33-year-old, talley, may have hit his head against the tire of this parked van. that's where he was found by paramedics. >> the bike rolled over on top of him killing him instantly. >> reporter: the bike hit two vehicles, but no one inside those cars were hurt. >> reporter: neighbors tell
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9news now this long stretch of seneca highway has become a speedway. >> it's constant around here. flying up and down the road. >> reporter: wild motorcycle riders are very common. >> three months ago i was sitting in my house, all of a sudden i heard a bunch of noise, looked out the back window and there was a guy on the motorcycle in the back of my woods. i ran out there asking him if he needed an ambulance or anything, he said no, he doesn't have his license, he just wanted to get out of there. >> reporter: they want to install more traffic lights along seneca highway to slow traffic down and avoid more deaths. in germantown, armando trull, 9news now. the nation's capitol, one of the most dangerous cities in the country, according to a just-released poll, dc ranks as america's 16th most unsafe city. baltimore is number 15. a city in new jersey is one of the most dangerous. montgomery county hosting sunday liquor sales tonight starting today and for the next six months.
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24 liquor and wine stores will be open from noon until 6:00 p.m. county officials will monitor the cost, revenue, and customer satisfaction. one estimate says that montgomery county, sure could use the money, is adding another $2 million each year with the new liquor sale hours. tomorrow and tuesday, no class for students. employees in the school are being furloughed on those day. all county schools will be closed and all activity canceled. school employees are being given a choice of days they would prefer to stay home without pay. more than 30% of those employees chose this coming week. you saw the game, overtime, winning field goals, and the skins come out on top. high drama for the redskins and all the fans back home watching. sports director, brett haber, here with all the details, brett? >> reporter: six days after giving up seven touchdowns to the eagles, today, they gave up just one. granted they scored only one, given the fact they were on the road, losing seven players to
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injury during this game, all things considered they did pretty well. this is the one touchdown that the titans scored, coming on the redskins punt after their second possession of the game. taking it at his own 13, heads left, hops through some tacklers, and he's gone. 87 yards as the titans take the lead in that pass, but he was pretty fast. 7-0. redskins answered right back, donovan mcnabb, looking left, finding santana moss in the end zone. six catches, 106 yards tieing the game at seven. they went to overtime tied at 13. tennessee won the flip, but they went 3-and-out, opening up the door for the skins. mcnabb escapes the sack there, steps up, throwing to chris cooley on the sideline, setting them up for a punt to win the game. he did not miss that as the skins bounce from that eagle's game with the overtime win today and pull it out despite
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that rash of injuries. >> they told the team after the game, you know, i've been to a lot of football games throughout the years, not just in the pro-level. i don't think that i have had that many guys stay down and finding a way to win. >> no, i have never seen anything like that when we came in a game already banged up and then we lost about another three to four guys. we lost seven guys in the game. oh wow. it means a lot. >> it's not just really, you know, the stats. you know, i look at it as the offense being able to sustain drives, keep the clock moving, convert on third downs. >> they did all those things today. one of those injuries were clinton portis. it's the same groin issue causing him to miss the last five games. could this be the end of the line for portis with the redskins franchise? we'll answer that question and a post-game tantrum from vince young you'll want to hear about. coming up on sports plus right
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after the newscast, bruce? >> thank you so much, brett. what do the fans think about the come-from-behind win on the road today? >> i'll tell you this much. last week, roughing up against the eagles, everyone was so bitter being a redskins fan, but if you throw better than 4- 12, you're doing something. if the redskins go 8-8, that's a heck of a season. redskins are the bomb right now. >> brett haber will have more on this game coming up later. still ahead on 9news now. >> it is just unacceptable. that is kind of evasive. the technique that they are using has to stop now. >> the protest aimed at disrupting new tsa screening procedures. will it change the policy or just delay holiday travelers? plus, after the leader of the world catholic reverses
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thing long standing church possession, the faithful reacts, devon? >> reporter: yeah, much cooler today than yesterday's high of 66 degrees. your wake up weather calls for cloudy skies, fog in some areas. we'll talk about a couple of really nice days before some storms rolling around in our complete forecast. [ male announcer ] washington, d.c. a landmark of liberty and opportunity. at bank of america, we live and work here, with thousands of employees and hundreds of branches and atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion... from supporting the arts and howard university to helping revitalize anacostia and downtown d.c. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. ♪
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wednesday is the official start of the holiday travel season, but before millions board planes this week, there will be subjects to new security screenings. those pat downs and body scanners are causing an awful lot of controversy. what does this mean for passengers? >> reporter: the transportation administration is responding to passenger complaints about new security measures. the agency sent out a press release that says the program is evolving and that there could be adjustments in the future. the statement came after the administrator of the tsa took the hard line in an interview about the controversial measures, which include full body scans and pat downs. >> we're not changing the policies because of that and because of the risks that have been identified because of the current threat. >> the secretary of state, hillary clinton, says that security experts are looking for ways to diminish the impact to the new guidelines.
11:25 pm
admitting she would not want the enhanced pat down. >> not if i could avoid it. i mean, who would? >> reporter: passenger frustration has grown since the scanners started operating at airports across the country last month. >> i think the body scanners are invasive. i think that they show too much and they are not necessary. >> reporter: a loosely organized protest on the internet called national opt out day urging passengers to avoid scanners on wednesday and ask for pat downs. they have taken considerably longer, increasing delays on the busiest travel day of the year. some travelers say the inconvenience is a small price for safety. >> i would rather give up a little privacy than worry about something going wrong on a plane. >> reporter: but even president obama has recognized the dilemma. asking his national security team to consider less invasive measures. coming up on 9news now, the
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bad economy is now tarnishing some people's golden years. the retirees and what they are going -- what the retirees are going through to make ends meet. >> and devon will be back with your seven-day forecast. [trumpet playing "reveille" throughout]
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let's support the small business owners getting our economy booming with the first ever small business saturday. on november 27th, shop small. it's going to be huge. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence]
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the taliban leaders tonight are commenting on nato's plan to withdraw combat troops by the end of 2014. according to reports, the taliban released a five-point statement calling the plan, "irrational." the statement says that the foreign troop should not postpone withdrawals of the forces, reiterating their demand for foreign troops to leave afghanistan or risk more blood sheds. both phrase and caution acing among the pope's recent comment on condoms, the pope said that some condom use might be justified as in the case of prostitutes seeking to prevent the spread of hiv. it's a sign that the church is stepping into the modern debate in the fight against aids. other caution that it could open up pandora's box or church doctorate. some retirees heading back to the workplace to survive the
11:30 pm
tough economy. border's residence are among them. the 78-year-old decided it was time to end their retirement and go back to work, opening up an antique's and consignment shop not far from their st. petersburg home. >> it's a triumph time right now. it's for all people, particularly in the old age. >> surviving is the most important thing right now. i think that it has been a real learning curve for us all. >> the couple previously worked in real estate before their retirement some six years ago, saying their shop has been an immediate success and a lifesaver for them. for the latest franchises in the harry potter movie, they did magic this weekend at the box office. "harry potter and the deathly hallows," grow a whopping $25 million since opening up late thursday night.
11:31 pm
it's the fifth largest opening weekend of all times. the final franchise of the series, part ii comes out in july. >> i was reading something about this that maybe the companies that make all the movies maybe thought they should have done this for all the books. >> yeah, not enough money. all right, what did it look like for people heading out thanksgiving? >> i think the travel will be looking okay. in fact, the next two days are looking just spectacular. we have an up and down week. right now, let's talk about fairly comfortable temperatures tonight. in fact, we're talking 50s here in washington. a lot of us are still in the 40s here, but it's coming to the cost of some fog developing in parts out there. manassas at 39. you're going to stay right there for the rest of the night until tomorrow morning and you'll see a blanket of 40s for everyone, even near the 50s in a lot of places here. just to run into the forecast and show you what's going on throughout the rest of the midweek to the east coast here,
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you'll see a few of the thin clouds trying to make their way in. it was thin clouds at least during the day with the overcast skies and the cloud cover starting to go back in. as i just mentioned, we're in it for ups and downs this week, starting off very warm and nice. then it will be colder by midweek, coming to an end with the storms coming around by the end of the week. that means between the middle and the end, thanksgiving, we've got some really good things to talk about there too. into that forecast, it's actually warm tomorrow. sunshine in there after getting rid of the fog in the morning hours. let's take you to monday going into tuesday. we'll see more clouds rolling back around. but still a mild to warm day before the overcast skies roll in. that's going to be a dying cold front that comes our way. the first sign that the next approaching storm system might see a sprinkle, isolated showers. not much to speak of. just some cloud cover that most of us will be getting. but the cooler air starts to spill in on wednesday. wednesday plays a big part in our thanksgiving forecast with the cool air in place. it's not the winds trying to
11:33 pm
remove that cool air. and we'll talk about it here in the seven-day forecast, at least in the next three days, the most immediate thing that you'll need to know will be okay. overnight here tonight, developing that fog, already, and in one of those cases in the low lying areas, rivers, around the bay, that will give us the worse for most of it. not a huge problem. actually, it keeps us blanketed with nice temperatures in the upper 30s, 39, the coldest spots out here. mid-40s for tomorrow morning, meaning that the overcast skies, temperatures are slow to rise. but once that sun finally breaks out, lower to the mid- 60s tomorrow. in fact, a lot of us will see 55, 56, for the entire washington metro. the zone forecast, even blue ridge and way out west towards west virginia, you'll even see 61, 62 for the mid-60s here, over the bay towards this area and even 60s over there. let's go to the day planner forecast first from the fog. quickly though, i think it is 60 by midday, then 62 by 5:00.
11:34 pm
seven-day forecast, now, thanksgiving, i tom you that this is a huge forecast -- i told you that this is a huge forecast. east, southeast winds trying to move that out. it's going to go right there, 50, cool, but we can get a strong south wind in there. there is some indications showing that it could happen, leading all the way up to 65. it's beautiful. i don't see anything in between. either be nice on thanksgiving or it will be like what i'm forecasting now. stay tuned, it's something to watch. >> devon will be back. you heard the question that could be the slogan for a local charity known as bread for the city. derek mcginty shows us in this week's friday heros. >> reporter: calling bread for the city of food pantry is a bit like calling wal-mart a grocery store, not exactly wrong, but hardly the whole story. >> it's kind of a one-stop shop for low-income residence here in washington, d.c. >> reporter: bread for the city executive dior


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